Cactusus 1.2.1

Keep important notes directly on the desktop

Cactusus is a todo manager developed as a replacement for "sticky notes" on your desktop. Just a text taking quite a little space and always staying on top.

For each note your can define:

  • Priority. Most important notes are placed at the top of list
  • "See also" remark. Comments are displayed in a tooltip of the note. "See also" remark may contain anything that Windows can understand and launch: doc file, web link etc.
  • Comments

Notes can be dragged by mouse to desired location on screen. To access a note context menu drag mouse over note text and when mouse pointer turns to "hand" - right-click.

You can define two system wide hotkeys for more handy operation:

  • For show main window. Second way to open main window - from tray icon context menu
  • For move all notes to background of all windows

Marking notes as "Done" means that note information will be written to "cactusus.completed" file for possible references in future. This file is located in your My Documents folder.

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Cactusus 1.2.1

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